MCP-25 Bidirectional AFE (Boost/Buck/PFC) (1000V)
  • MCP-25 Bidirectional AFE (Boost/Buck/PFC) (1000V)
  • MCP-25 Bidirectional AFE (Boost/Buck/PFC) (1000V)
  • MCP-25 Bidirectional AFE (Boost/Buck/PFC) (1000V)
  • MCP-25 Bidirectional AFE (Boost/Buck/PFC) (1000V)
  • MCP-25 Bidirectional AFE (Boost/Buck/PFC) (1000V)

MCP-25 Bidirectional AFE (Boost/Buck/PFC) (1000V)

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MCP-25 Bidirectional AFE (Boost/Buck/PFC) (1000V)

MCP-25 is a series of high efficiency power converters based on the SiC (Silicon Carbide) technology. By combining modules, it is possible to implement a wide variety of power conversion systems, including bidirectional grid connectivity, EV charging and battery storage - up to 500kW.



  • 25 kW bidirectional Active Frontend power module
  • 50 kW bidirectional Buck/Boost DC/DC
  • Bidirectional PFC for EV chargers
  • 1-phase and 3-phase generators
  • Silicon-Carbide (SiC) switching technology
  • 800VDC max and 1000VDC max variants
  • 99% peak efficiency
  • Simple interface (24V, CAN bus and interlock line)
  • Completely flat plate mounting system for easy integration
  • Both air cooling as well as water cooling using off the shelf HW
  • Easy paralleling for high power operation
  • CAN bus control, HW interlock
  • EU (400VAC 50Hz) and US (480VAC, 208VAC 60Hz) grid support


  • Grid connected EV fast charging
  • Backup systems, generators, inverters
  • General purpose AC to DC conversion
  • General purpose DC to DC conversion

Packing & Shipping 

Electronic equipment is shipped in a box, protected in antistatic packaging material. 

Outside box dimensions : 35 x 27 x 9

Approx. weight : 4.3 kg

All published prices are for samples and evaluation kits. Please contact us for volume pricing !



datasheet - ADM-PC-BP25

Datasheet with technical details concerning this product.

Download (1.5MB)

3d-model(web) - ADM-PC-BP25

Simplified 3d-model for outer dimension collision detection.

Download (1.51MB)

mechanical drawing - ADM-PC-BP25

Mechanical drawing with screw-pattern details, and preferred mounting.

Download (345.25KB)

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