MCP25 Universal Charger Heatsink

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Universal Charger Heatsink

MCP-25 is a series of high efficiency power converters based on the SiC (Silicon Carbide) technology. This heatsink is typically used to build one 25kW charger module. These modules can be stacked to obtain a high-power station.



  • Surface flattening for optimal thermal conductivity
  • Pre-drilled for typical charger setups
  • Laterally threaded for easy integration
  • Designed to serve as partial enclosure
  • Several fan configurations possible
  • Extra mounting holes for the CHAdeMO diode


  • Charger combinations such as :
  •   filter - PFC - LLC
  •   filter - AFE - LLC

Packing & Shipping

Outside box dimensions : 40 x 90 x 8

Approx. weight : 10 kg

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